New business opportunities evolve with a new awareness of consumption. we offer an ever wider choice of food products related to new lifestyles or niche to meet all needs.

Organic Products

Organic is an innovative and successful segment in the food sector.
This new food model has created a new type of business, respecting nature and its rhythms.
We select products that meet the needs of this authentic lifestyle and its consumption.

Lactose free

Giving up lactose does not always mean giving up the taste and pleasures of the table.
We search and select alternative products, which guarantee safety and authenticity.


The literal meaning of Halal is "allowed".
The word in the West generally means "food permitted by Islamic law".
The products that enjoy this certification have been prepared in full compliance with these religious rules.


It is the set of religious rules that govern the nutrition of observant Jews. The Hebrew Word "Kasher O Kosher" means conforming to the Law / Permitted.
However, in order for a product to be Kosher certified, it must meet the most stringent quality standards and that all production and packaging procedures as well as every single ingredient used in its preparation
comply with the restrictive laws of Kashruth.

Gluten Free

The denomination GLUTEN FREE and REDUCED GLUTEN CONTENT are regulated by Regulation (EU) 828/2014 and are attributed to products dedicated to people with gluten intolerance.
Our effort is to offer safe and digestible foods suitable for this category of consumers.


Products suitable for the preparation of dishes complying with the rules of the vegan diet which totally excludes the use of animal ingredients and their derivatives such as meat,
fish, dairy products, eggs, honey, royal jelly and propolis.

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