Sauce and cream

Traditional sauces: ketchup, mayonnaise, pink sauce, bbq, cheddar ..

Innovative sauces: guacamole, yellow tomato, kebab….

Sauces: classics such as pesto, ragù, arrabbiata, amatriciana, gorgonzola, 4 cheese, artichokes, asparagus; innovative like rocket cream or with nettles

Tomato sauce and pulp: for retail and industries

Recipes and formats/packaging can be customised according to the different needs and destinations of use.


  • Pre-fried/ grilled vegetables in dices, slices and rounds IQF
  • IQF frozen legumes
  • IQF frozen fruit
  • Frozen aromatic herbs
  • Dried fruit

Egg products

  • Whole omelette or IQF cubes
  • IQF sliced long egg
  • IQF egg medallion
  • IQF scrambled egg
  • IQF hard-boiled egg
  • Fried Egg IQF
  • IQF round crepes and egg wrap

Tuna and anchovy

TUNA: Skipjack (Katsuwonus Pelamis) and Yellowfin (Tunnus Albacares), in glass, tin or bag.

Anchovies from the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, in glass, tin and bucket.




Durum wheat, whole wheat and egg pasta in all sizes and packaging for retail and industry.

Organic -, Gluten Free - and Aproteic Pasta.

Processed Cheese and Cheese Substitute

Milk product or 100% vegetable product (Vegan suitable), cheese substitutes, in retail format or for specific industrial uses.

The different recipes are suitable for melting (like mozzarella) or for au gratin / flavouring (like aged cheese).


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