Individually Quick Frozen

The convenience of a wide range of products with long expiration, immediately ready-to-use, easy to dose and with a single preservative: frost!

  • Possibility of using products that otherwise would be difficult to dose.
  • Reduction of the personnel, required for the ingredients preparation.
  • Zero cost of cutting and production line cleaning.
  • Weight loss reset, which are due to product heating during cutting.
  • Reduced risk of pollution.
  • Ready-to-use, with the possibility of rapid production changes.
  • More accurate dosage with better yield.
  • Long shelf life, simplified ordering process and storage managing
  • Availability of different formats and cutting dimensions.


Cow or buffalo mozzarella: cube, julienne, pearls, slice, ball, loaf
Also available: BIO, BIO NOP, Lactose free

Stracchino: cube
Also available: BIO, BIO NOP, Lactose free

Edamer, gouda, emmental, brie: cube, julienne, slice
Also available: BIO, BIO NOP, Lactose free

Feta: cube, crumble
Also available: BIO, BIO NOP, Lactose free

Ricotta: crumble
Also available: BIO, BIO NOP

Mascarpone: crumble
Also available: BIO

Blue cheese: cube
Also available: BIO, BIO NOP

Goat Chevre aged or not: slices from 25 to 70 mm, cube, crumble
Also available: BIO, BIO NOP




Cooked ham, speck, salami, bacon, wurstel: cube, stick, slice
Also available: bio

Pre-cooked chicken and turkey, roast or steamed: slice of whole breast, cube, stripes

Crispy bacon: bites, slice

Granulated pre-cooked sausage: crumbles

Meat balls

Granulated pre-cooked beef

Pre-cooked skewers

Kebab beef, chicken, turkey

Pre-cooked hamburger, pork, beef, chicken


Scrambled egg, crumble

Omelette, stripes, cubes

Omelette fetta rettangolare

Omelette hamburger 90 g

Half moon omelette with cheese, mushrooms, ham, bacon,, half-moon with various ingredients (cheese, ham, mushrooms ..)

Fried egg, whole

Boiled long egg slices

Egg wraps to be filled

Round crepes to be filled




Tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, eggplants, spinach, asparagus, pumpkin






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